"Lo que del corazón sale, al corazón llega"


lunes, 6 de abril de 2009

Whenever we act against the law, we act against God.

Whenever we act against the law, we act against God.
When we admit that God that inhabits in everyone else it is the first part of this, it is fundamental since only by seeing God in rest of the people and everywhere we can be aware of our acts since we do not see the personage over the being, admit the being over the personage and act from Love.
Do not enter into unfair competitions that you will compete unfairly against God, and just attempting will be a loss

Never believe to make justice over justice of God

Never believe yourself better than nobody else because you will believe in the creator.

Never try to manipulate anybody because you will be trying to manipulate God.

Never use God’s image in a dishonest way since you will dishonor God

Never seek pleasure on some others suffering since you will be betraying God

Take God’s love on Saturdays, and surrender yourself to Light and be.

Every day thank the mother earth and father heaven to all Angels of the creation and agrees with God, every day

In the morning and at night meet again with God in your interior, clean in your sins and be grateful to him for everything received, ask for peace for you and for all, ask for love for you and for all, ask for light for you and for everybody else, and it will be.

Thanks for being

My Love for God to you

I am Reiki
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